3 Tattoo Stories that Everyone Can Relate To

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Learn here how tattoos are a vehicle of self expression and emotions. And how they can be a regret for someone?

3 Tattoo Stories that Everyone Can Relate To

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What are tattoos? Wikipedia defines them as a “a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment.”

But tattoos are more than that this definition. For most people, tattoos are a medium of self expression; they are something associated with their aesthetic sense. But for some people, tattoo are painful reminder of their past or lost love. Here our readers have shared their stories about what tattoos meant to them.

“Tattoos are Career of Emotions”

As we grow, so our emotions. We see the world with our eyes and our observations keep on piling up in our heart and mind .We try to hug all the emotions, one going down on the floor and then picking it up and the other goes down and then picking that up and this cycle goes on and a thought starts to run ,HOW TO EXPRESS MY EMOTIONS?

This is a story of these emotions, who fight amongst themselves that who at the end will be last one left in the arms.

One kind day I was born on this beautiful earth in a beautiful family and my heart started to pump in a very cheerful manner making up mind that YES, this is the place I was wondering about when I was far above in the sky.

I grew younger, the pressure of studies, the pressure of good university is on my mind and I find no way to release my pressure. At this age, the earth was no longer beautiful place for me. I thought this pressure will live with me forever till I am living and I wanted to express it. I took my pocket money from my ulmirah, rode a bicycle and went to fair to relieve myself. As I reached there, my eyes got stuck on something. One Guy, sitting on floor, with something like a permanent pen with him was writing something on people arm and that even could not get erased.I was excited and made up my mind to express my emotions full of pressure at that moment with help of that pen ( now a days TATTOO). Yes, I got myself inked for the first time with a SAD smiley on my wrist.

I am in a good university now, all my pressure has been released and I am attracted to that pretty girl in my class who always sits adjacent to me. I feel, she has  samefeelings for me. Now, my emotions have changed and instead of pressure , I feel loved now. After an year, We both were in relationship and I was feeling so loved that I wanted to express myself. We both went to nearby Tattoo shop and got our names inked on each other arms. And Yes, today I regret that sad smiley tattoo and covered it. We were in final year and pressure again started to pump up my mind. The Presuure of good career was on my mind and heart. Apart from this pressure, there was pressure on how to carry on relationship after the graduation. Fortunately, I got a good job, but I lost a good love.

Today I am 26 and regret all those emotions which I thought are intact but were just passing phases of my life.Now, I am going to a tattoo shop again but this time I have clear thoughts on my mind. I went there, got all my tattoos covered under the name of MY MOM, because today I realized whatever I am today is because of my mom.

So, in nutshell, getting yourself inked is the best discovery to express yourself but when to get yourself inked is the point. Make up your mind, get mature and then go on and get a tattoo where ever you want to.

“Tattoos Show People Who I Am”

I have 5 tattoos on my body—2 on my both arms, one on my shoulder, one on neck and one on ankle. My upbringing was done in a strict and conservative family where I was told to attend church every Sunday.

I was told to earn good grades in study. I felt that I was chained to the pillar till my graduation. By that time, l learnt how to stood for myself. I was developed into an antique smart guy from the “meek and shy” what I used to be. I travelled a lot. During my stay in Miami, I saw how people were crazy for tattooing. These fascinating designs on the catalogue or on the bodies encouraged everyone to get the one. And I was no exception. I got the first ever tattoo of my life, right on my arm. It was a quote that reads-Carpe Diem (which means that siese the opportunity). This quote defines me well. I am kinda a person looking to make the most of opportunities. However, one thing I must tell you—getting a tattoo was quite painful. I usedDr. Numb numbing cream, as advised by my tattoo artist, before the process while getting “the Samoan sun” on my chest.

“Looking to Erase My Tattoos”

Tattoos are no more fun to me after my breakup. When I was happy with my relationship, I got a tattoo of his name on my wrist (one of the biggest regrets of my life). After two years of relationship, we parted our ways. But what about this tattoo? It has become a painful lesson what was once a beautiful feeling for me, though I have moved. Someone told me laser can remove the tattoo completely from the skin.

So this was how people opened about their tattoo experience. Do you have such story? Please share with us by commenting below.

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