3 Stages of Tattoo Healing You Must Know

October 10, 2016   930

Tattoo healing is the long process which includes swelling, itching and peeling of the skin. Here we have divided tattoo healing into 3 parts to make you better understand about it.

Tattoo Healing

How much time does it take to heal my tattoo? Well, you must know that healing is not instant in tattoos and you need to wait for 2-3 months to get your skin healed. Here are the three tattoo healing stages you must know.

The First Stage of Tattoo Healing:

First stage of the tattoo healing starts when your tattoo artist completes your tattoo. At this stage, you must know that your tattoo is still a wound made by piercing needles into your skin. So, at this stage, extra care is required from your side to prevent infection or spoiling of the tattoo. Your ink can leak from the tattoo location for several days. Therefore, you must not touch your tattoos or wash your hands if it is necessary. Apart from that, avoid using perfumed or colored soaps, perfumes and sprays, makeup and sunscreen on your wounds. Don’t panic if your tattoo is red or swollen for few hours as it is normal procedures. But you should not pick, scratch or pull the fresh tattooing skin.

The Second Stage of Tattoo Healing:

When the wound is healing, the skin becomes itching. The itching phase may be lasted for weeks or few days. Let your body to go through this natural process without worrying over the time period. You may notice that your skin begins to peel out of itching, but you should not scratch it. You can ask your artist for a moisturizer to avoid itching.

The Third Stage of Tattoo Healing:

The third and final stage is an indication that your tattoo is near to be healed completely. However, you must stick to your hygiene and cleaning routine even if your tattoo is looked completely healed. Use moisturizer ointment to prevent it from becoming dried. During this process, you may see final layer of the healed skin falling off as you apply the moisturizing cream.

You must follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare

Every artist has their own set of aftercare for a tattoo. However, they are based on general guidelines to prevent any mishaps, damages, or degradation to your new body art. Remember, poor aftercare will cost even your beautiful design. After the tattoo artist, you are responsible for the aftercare of your tattoo.

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