3 Side-Effects of Derma Rollers You Must Know (With Rescue)!

December 11, 2016   836

Have you heard of derma roller? Yes, the same amazing beauty tool which is said to be highly useful for skin regeneration. But that’s not all! There is a lot more you need to know about it. Read on.

3 Side-Effects of Derma Rollers You Must Know (With Rescue)!

When it comes to beauty treatment, Dermarolling is certainly a more popular one. It is not as expensive as the laser therapies or Botox injections, but it really works. From reduction of fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, stretch marks, facial scars, to sun damage, it is effective for all sorts of skin problems. Moreover, it enhances the absorption level of your skin for topical skin-care products.

Regardless of so many benefits, a question is raised often – do derma roller treatments pose any side effects? Let’s explore the answer here;

Pain is obvious!

Without a doubt, the prospect of rolling skin surface with 200 or more micro-needles seems to be worrying in itself. Besides of the fact that size and design of these needles is such that it offers the amazing therapeutic properties, Derma Roller are painful. In fact, in some cases, you will not only experience pain, slight bleeding (when not used properly) is evident. However, this can be overcome easily. It is simple; before you start with the process, apply a layer of Dr. Numb. Being a topical anesthetic cream, it comprises of natural ingredients and 5% of lidocaine. It is safe to use and highly effective. You don’t need any medical prescriptions to buy it over the counter and it is useful for various dermal processes.

Redness is common!

Are you using the Derma Roller according to the instructions provided? There are fewer chances of other side-effects. But even then the only side-effect you can expect is a slight reddening of your skin after each treatment. Though it can be easily treated with application of some quality skin creams or sunscreen lotions, yet you cannot move out for a party or meeting just after dermarolling.  And yes, during the treatment you might feel a slight tickling sensation.

Excess of pressure and application is not good!

This one occurs when you use the Derma Roller in an improper manner. Let’s illustrate this with an example, imagine you are doing it yourself and you apply too much pressure. It will then lead to heavy bleeding and pain. Also, you need to be very careful about soft and sensitive parts, like your eyes and mouth. Make sure you keep the roller away from them. The skin on your face is softer than other areas on your body. Hence, you need to careful applying the pressure and also make sure you don’t do it too often.

In all, it’s always advisable to look into the potential side effects of any therapy, but meanwhile you cannot ignore the benefits. Hence, if you wish to continue with your decision to go dermarolling, but want to avoid these side-effects, it is recommended to seek expert help. Don’t try it yourself and let the professionals do it for you!

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