3 Safe Jewelries for Your Piercing (And 2 to Avoid)

October 21, 2016   384

You must consider a safe jewelry for your piercing if you don’t want to spoil it with infection, pus and swelling.

Piercing Jewlery

After getting body piercing, you will be super excited to wear the jewelry of your choice. At this stage, you like to consider the safe jewelry choices for your piercing to avoid infection and irritation. If you wear a jewelry not being compatible to your piercing, you can end up with puss, infection, pain and irritation. Here we have listed the safe jewelry for your piercing along with the types you must avoid.


Titanium is the most recommended jewelry metal for the body piercing. It is safe and resistant to the body fluids. Titanium is lightweight, yet stronger than stainless steel, meaning that you enjoy the quality and comfortable body piercing with it. You may find it bit expensive, but that can be justified with its quality and durability.

  Surgical Stainless Steel

Surgical stainless steel jewelry is good choice if you can’t afford expensive titanium jewelry. It is compatible for fresh piercing just like titanium. Choose the recommended grades of stainless steel such as 316L or 316LVM to make your piercing infection free. We may not suggest you wear high grade stainless steel because of the nickel’s content it contains, reacting with your fresh piercing. In fact, many nations have restricted the use of stainless steel for initial piercing. Again, use the mid-grade of stainless steel.


Gold jewelry is the much desirable, especially among womenfolk. However, it may not the good choice for your fresh piercing or long term wear. This is because gold is a softer metal and is mixed with certain metal alloys which can trigger the allergy and irritation. So, you must avoid gold jewelry for your initial piercing. Although, it is safe once your piercing is completely healed.

What I Should Avoid for Piercings?

Sterling Silver: 

Sterling silver should not be used if you are freshly pierced. Don’t use the jewelry which part is inserted thorough your hole. Silver can damage your piercing when it comes into contact with body fluids, leading to the bacterial growth.

Costume or Plastic Metal Jewelry:

Stay away from costume, plastic or plated body jewelry. A big no! They are made with poor metal and irritating your healing, not to mention creating an infection. Just choose from the first three jewelry types for your piercing.

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