3 Right Jewelries for Your Piercings

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Getting body piercings is an overwhelming thing as you have an opportunity to try various jewelry pieces. At this stage, you like to choose safe jewelry choices to avoid complications like infection and irritation. Wearing a wrong jewelry can make you prone to puss, infection, pain and irritation.3 Right Jewelries for Your Piercings

Here, we have come up with the jewelry choices you can choose from to keep your pierces away from troubles.


Titanium is counted among the safe jewelry metal for the body pierces as it is resistant to the body fluids. Besides being durable, it is comfortable as it is lighter than stainless steel. It can be expensive but that can be justified with its quality and durability.

 Surgical Stainless Steel

Surgical stainless steel jewelry is great for those who find titanium out of their budget. It is safe for your fresh piercing. Make sure your surgical stainless steel has the grades likes 316L or 316LVM to make your piercing infection free. However, avoid wearing high grade stainless steel as it contains nickel that reacts with the fresh piercing. It is also worth to mention that many countries have banned the use of stainless steel for new piercing.  Keep in mind that you need mid-grade stainless steel.


Gold jewelry is the popular jewelry type and has been used since ages. Whereas it common to use gold jewelry, it is not safe for fresh piercing or long term wear. Why? Gold is a softer metal and is combined with certain metal alloys that can cause allergy and irritation. So, don’t wear gold jewelry for your initial piercing. But you can use it once your piercing is healed.

What Jewelry is Not Good for My Piercing?

Sterling Silver: 

Avoid using sterling silver for your fresh piercing. Don’t use the jewelry which part is inserted thorough your hole. Silver can cause damages to your piercing as it comes into contact with body fluids, leading to the bacterial growth.

Costume or Plastic Metal Jewelry:

Don’t wear costume, plastic or plated body jewelry. They are manufactured with poor metals that cause irritation an infection. All you need to choose from the recommended jewelry mentioned in this blog.




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