3 Reasons Why Numbing Creams are Popular in the Tattoo Industry

January 07, 2013   1575

One big market for numbing creams are tattoo shops. And there are some great reasons why they should carry numbing cream products in their shops. Here are 3 reasons why the  numbing creams are popular in the tattoo industry:

1. It will save you from pain – Over the years the mindset about tattooing as being traumatic and too painful for the average person has changed. We now have tools to help us alleviate the pain. Tattooists recommend using a numbing cream for people who do not want to feel the pain.

2. It will save you some time – Being tattooed in areas where the skin is thin and close to the bone can be really painful. And this will cause the muscles to tense up, which will make the tattooist stop the process every once in a while to give the muscles time to relax. The numbing cream will numb your skin so the tattooist will not need to stop. You will finish your tattoos faster, and the tattooist will have more time to work on other clients.

3. It will save you some money – Some tattooists charge by the hour, and if you can save some time with your tattoo then you will also be charging your favorite tattooist less. This is where the numbing cream can help you do that.

The tattoo process might be considered as a “right of passage” or something to be earned by some, but if you want high quality tattoos without all of the pain, time and  money, then you definitely need a numbing cream available. This is the main reason why tattoo shops carry tattoo numbing creams – because there are clients who need them.

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