3 Piercings Which Are Super Cool; But Lesser Known!

October 26, 2016   560

In the recent years piercings have become chicer than ever. And it is not just about adding a few extra studs in your lobe. It is now more complex and beautiful. Let’s have a look at some of the latest trends.

Super Cool Piercing

Are you ready to do something new with your look? Well, then adopting any form of body art appears to be the first idea. Isn’t it? But now there are so many, tattooing, piercing, etc. and it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

Don’t fret over the different methods and go for the one which has been ruling the world of fashion over the years. Yes, you got it right! It is none other than body piercing. The best thing about this form of body art is that it evolved immensely with the passage of time. Now it is no more constrained to simple earlobe piercing or nose piercing. It has a lot more to offer. Find out some exclusive ideas you can put your hands on;


Being done in the major part of the ear cartilage, conch piercings needs more healing time than a simple ear lobe piercing. But believe it; this type of job takes you a step ahead of others. When you wish to be in for more of a long haul, you can pick this piercing. You need to know that the secret to have a piercing is that it is not only fashionable, but also it defines your persona. Just a tiny ring or stud can change the whole feel of an ear piercing like a conch.


It is not necessarily just about a fashion statement, piercings can help you with health issues too. Yes, this is probably the reason behind the popularity of daith piercing. Do you know this type of piercing offers migraine relief? Although there are no medical claims about this, yet several clients have experienced a change in their condition, meanwhile updating their style in unique ways.


Running through a tiny piece of skin, this one hangs slightly over your front teeth. It is voguish and offers innocent look. People who have already septum done, and look forward to the next step with piercing, can go for this one. You can adorn a little rose or yellow gold ring, which would sit on the inside of mouth. 

Last note; in order to make any piercing work for you, ensure that you have a skilled practitioner. The process is certainly painful, but to this problem there is a solution. Dr. Numb – the lidocaine based, 100% effective and safe topical anesthetic cream. It can be used by anyone. The formula is designed to adhere to the strict standards and is FDA Certified. So, pain is more a problem.

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