3 Alternative Skin Numbing Methods

March 01, 2013   2103

alternative skin numbing methodsUsing a numbing cream is not the only way to numb your skin in preparation of a tattoo, waxing, piercing, or injection. There are a few more methods which you can try that does not involve the use of this cream. Here are 3 other skin numbing methods:

1. Ice – putting ice over the skin will temporarily give it a numbing sensation. But the drawback is that the numbness won’t last very long and the skin area keeps getting wet from the melting ice. This can be used to prepare for injections where the entry of the needle is very quick.

2. Patting the skin – patting the skin for a few times with a little force can also have a numbing effect. This is commonly applied for injections as well, but for long sessions like waxing and tattooing this might not be very helpful at all since the numbing effect is very short.

3. Sitting on the arm / leg – the goal of this method is to temporarily cut the blood flow in the limbs to produce the numbness. Sometimes this is applied in tattooing when the pain is bearable but the level of pain suddenly increases. Again, the numbing effect is temporary and doesn’t last very long.

These are just some options if you are considering to do tattooing, waxing or injections but wanted an alternative way to numb your skin. Do you have any other suggested skin numbing methods? Let us know in the comments!

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