21 Problems Only a Tattooist Can Understand

December 14, 2016   396

Did you know? Nearly 40 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo on their body. It simply means that tattoos have become the part of the mainstream fashion. But that doesn’t mean all people have a healthy outlook for the tattoos. Yes, many tattoo freaks also receive criticism, face issues and health problems, besides being praised for their tattoos.

Beautiful Tattoo Design

Here we have listed common problems only a tattooed person can understand. So, read below which tattoo problem relates to yours.

  1. People Have Prejudice About You
  2. They Only Praise the Phrase’s Design, Rather than Understanding the Meaning
  3. Your Employer Thinks You’re Not Fit for Job
  4. Your Parents Think You’ve Gone Rebel
  5. Your Tattoo is Still an Issue in Your Workplace
  6. It’s Annoying to Tell Meaning of Your Tattoo Every time
  7. People Grab Your Arm to Take a Close Look at Your Tattoo
  8. You Get Lot of Opinion on Your Tattoos
  9. You Have Fear of Tattoo Regrets
  10. You Need to Spend Money on Touchups to Make it Vibrant
  11. Aftercare Process are Very Strict
  12. Chance of Getting Infection or Skin Damage
  13. Fear of Being Rejected in Army or Law Enforcement Agency
  14. Protecting Your Tattoo from Sun Exposure is Exhaustive
  15. Peeling and Flaking Over it
  16. Having an Uncool Design for Lifelong
  17. When Friends Say You’ve Got Bad Tattoo
  18. You’ve to Wait Longer to Hire the Best Artist Which is Busy Now
  19. Tattoo Removal Process is Difficult and Costly
  20. When People Ask Your Motive Behind a Tattoo
  21. Your Partner Finds Your Tattoo Huge Turn Off

So, these are the problems regarding wearing tattoo we received from our avid readers. Half of them can be avoided with a good design, homework before getting tattoo and aftercare precautions. As far as rest of them concerns, if you love your tattoo, no criticism can discourage or make you feel low. Happy Tattooing!


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