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Why Do You Need a Numbing Cream on Your First Tattoo Session?


One of the things that hinder us in having our first dream tattoo is the fear of how painful it’s going to be. We don’t usually know what to expect. We don’t know if we’ll be able to handle the pain that it will bring.

This is basically the reason why we need to use numbing cream on our first tattoo session. The cream will give us the confidence that we will not be experiencing trauma in our first ink up escapade.

Most of us will not take the risk getting into a painful procedure unprepared. It is important that you are ready especially for a tattoo procedure considering that it is your first time. To lessen the anxiety and ease the pain of the procedure, it is best to apply a topical anesthetic cream. Numbing creams are easy to use and the effect is instant. It is better to look for a water-based numbing cream so that it will not affect the quality of the tattoo’s ink and even the healing time. It is equally important to check on the product’s label and ingredients. Look for the product with a high amount of Lidocaine in it is which is a very powerful anesthetic and effective for extensive procedures