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What is the Allergic Reaction to Numbing Cream?

Allergic Reaction to Numbing CreamThere are people who have overly sensitive skin. In those cases, using topical anesthetic or numbing creams should be done in strict precaution. These people require permission or prescription from their physician to make sure that they will not come up into an adverse allergic reaction. There are initial symptoms of allergic reaction for you to watch out. Here are some of the signs and symptoms to look into: Continue reading

6 Benefits of using Lidocaine Cream

How many painful skin procedures have you encountered? How many times have you wished to have something that could help you bear the pain? Worry no more because there are a lot of products out in the market that you could possibly use to numb the area that needs to have a procedure with. Lidocaine cream is one good example of product that could help you numb your skin prior any procedure. Continue reading