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Waxing With the Help of Numbing Cream

Who would not shout for waxing? Who will be bold enough to say that waxing is not painful? Waxing indeed is painful. That dreadful feeling of ripping off the first layer of your skin it could almost make you cry.  Now, it is no longer a problem. There is a product out in the market that eases your pain prior to any skin procedure particularly waxing. It is very important that you are ready whenever you are going to such painful procedure because if not, you’ll be devastated. You probably will not be able to finish the said procedure due to pain. Thanks to this breakthrough product because pain will no longer be a hindrance for your beauty regimen. Continue reading


3 Reasons Why Use A Numbing Cream for Micro Dermal Piercing

micro dermal piercing Ever wanted a Monroe piercing? Ever wondered how painful it could be? Ever thought on how it is done? Well to give you an idea, this article is mainly about micro dermal piercing and one example is the Monroe piercing. Just the same as any other piercings, micro dermal piercing is a painful procedure. It involves cartilages and alteration in skin integrity but you do not need to worry about the pain that piercings will cause you because of the break through experiment of this certain thing called “numbing cream


How Numbing Cream Works for Skin Procedures

topical anesthetic We might wonder how does this cream help? How does this work? How true that it affects the healing time? And all that questions. It all boils down into, how does a numbing cream numb the skin? All of those questions are going to be answered in this article. Continue reading


Top 10 Benefits of Using a Numbing Cream for Tattoo

Top 10 Benefits of Using a Numbing Cream for Tattoo Who would like to endure all the pain in each procedure, right? Who would opt to go the hard and painful way when you can do the easy and painless way? These are the reason why numbing creams are out in the market and when I say out, they’re out there like crazy. With those things, we give you 10 benefits of using numbing cream before having a tattoo done. Here’s the list: Continue reading


How to Achieve the Optimum Level of Numbness of the Best Numbing Cream

MED239b A high quality skin numbing cream will be more effective if properly applied. Some of the users might not be following the correct directions on how to apply the cream and that can result in a lower numbing effect or health hazards to the person using it. It is important to use the topical numbing cream as directed to achieve the full effect. Continue reading