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Painless Waxing is the New In: 4 Reasons Why You Need It!

painless waxing Getting hair removed from those unwanted places sounds painful enough, especially if you are getting it removed through waxing. If you’ve done it before, you know it feels like your skin is being ripped off! But nowadays, waxing spas use numbing creams for their clients to have a painless experience. Here are four good reasons why you need painless waxing: Continue reading


6 Reasons Why Your Tattooist Hate The Numbing Cream

9054-285x190-Rib_tattoo_pain People who want painless tattoos often resort to using a numbing cream. Majority of the tattooists available will be fine with their clients using a numbing cream. But this sometimes post a conflict to some tattooists because they do not want their clients to use a tattoo numbing cream. Here are 6 reasons why your tattooist hate the numbing cream: Continue reading