20 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Getting Waxed

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The Egyptians can be the precursors of many beautiful traditions, but their main contribution has been in hair removal. The females of old Egypt civilization used to remove all of their body hair, along with the hair on their heads, with the help of a hand tool which was formed from the following natural things:

  • Seashells
  • Pumice stones
  • A wax produced by honey bees and
  • Waxes made from sugar


Waxing our body mostly pops to our mind as we ponder over our vacation, and we plan to be on the beach. The best option, of course, is to take off any hair through waxing and prevent the agonizing experience of having hair pulled out of your skin. But is waxing that annoying and scary?

Whether it’s eyebrow wax, face wax, underarm waxing, leg waxing, Brazilian wax or full body wax you should always consult a professional waxing specialist. You should visit someone who is expert in waxing arena and is aware of the methods that are best and painless for the skin.

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Whether you are getting the wax done for the first time or you are pretty frequent in waxing, there are some questions you should always ask an expert before getting waxed:

  1. Talk to your specialist if you have any skin allergy or you are allergic to any specific wax:

Some people are allergic to beeswax or get pimples, bumps or rashes after waxing.  It is always necessary to tell your waxing expert about your allergies and skin sensitivity. This can help you’re professional to choose the right kind of wax for your skin type, and make the procedure a lot smoother for your skin.

  1. Best Numbing Cream for waxing: A bikini or Brazilian wax is definitely not an easy process. For many, it can be like an extreme physical pain. It is always better to ask your expert for the best numbing cream for sensitive areas like Dr Numb.
  1. Ask your specialist about the pros and cons of shaving before waxing:

Sometimes people think that it is better to shave before waxing to reduce pain. But keep in mind; you’re doing waxing to refrain from shaving. Shaving can overthrow the purpose of waxing and it can also make the waxing experience more torturous and frustrating.

  1. Inquire from your expert about pain relievers: Some medicines like Ibuprofen can help relieve the pain of waxing, mainly for first-timers. If you want any alcohol instead of medicine, many wax salons propose champagne or wine to guests in order to calm their nerves.
  2. Ask your expert about before and after care of waxed area:

Your professional can give you some valuable tips about it.

  1. If I am on my periods is it alright to get waxed or will it be more painful?

Call your professional and ask for the solution.  At the time of your periods, the hormones present in your body make the waxing procedure more painful because your skin is more sensitive during that time.

  1. Ask your expert about the use of the cream or moisturizer before or after waxing:

Some people are in the illusion that in order to have good waxing experience it is better to use moisturizer at every step. This is moderately correct. After waxing is done, you may think that the soothing effect of the lotion is the best solution for the soreness and redness around the waxed area. It is better to have a professional advice on this.

  1. Talk to your expert if it’s alright to do heavy work out in the gym immediately after Brazilian or bikini wax.

Sometimes heavy workouts can lead to stretch and pain on waxed areas.

  1. Ask your waxing professional if it’s ok to take a sunbath immediately after getting waxed?

Generally, it is advised not to reveal the waxed area to the sun for 24-48 hours

  1. Ask your esthetician when to get back for swimming after getting waxed:

If you are planning to swim immediately after getting waxed the water in the pool can make the skin extremely dry. Go by your salon’s aftercare instructions and it is better not to go swimming for at least 24hrs after your waxing in order to be infection free.

Brazilian Waxing

  1. Inquire from your expert if they use hot wax or not:

Check that your waxing salon applies only hot wax on sensitive parts of the body for example for the bikini, underarms, and face. Some waxing parlors will mention that they use hot wax but when you go for the process they may use strip wax. Strip wax should never be used on the sensitive body parts. It can be extremely painful.

  1. Ask your waxing technician if they use a new wax applicator at the time of applying wax for different body parts?

If they say that they use the similar applicator, then there is a great chance the wax is polluted. It is better to find another waxing parlor.

  1. Ask your waxing expert if they wear gloves at the time of waxing?

You will be astonished to know that many estheticians still wax without wearing gloves. As we know that nails are a place for bacteria to breed and the most popular bacteria is Staphylococcus. This can lead to anything from impetigo, toxic shock or skin consuming diseases.

  1. Inquire from your technician if he has been professionally trained in waxing especially Brazilian wax?

Ask them about the number of Brazilian waxes they do every week?

  1. What process do you follow to make your clients feel relaxed during waxing treatments? This is one of the questions you should never forget to ask your technician. From excellent cleanliness standards to personalized waxing techniques that make customers comfortable, should always be taken into consideration.

 Ask your wax expert to choose the best wax for you facial waxing. There are some parts of the face that can get irritated by wax. You can always tell your technician to do a test patch to make sure the wax they are using isn’t going to cause a reaction to your skin.

  1. Ask your technician if there are any preventive measures you need to take before getting waxed. For example, for body waxing, you are not supposed to tan the body parts for 48 hours.
  2. How long your hair should be before getting waxed? This is one of the most important questions you should ask your waxing expert. The long hair is easy to pull and gives much cleaner and smoother look.
  3. Ask the technician if there is an age restriction for waxing?

In general, you must be 18 years of age.

  1. If you are pregnant, can you get waxed? Your expert can better answer this question. It all depends on his expertise to handle sensitivity of skin during pregnancy.

Waxing has become a part of the lifestyle of many people. Each and every beauty parlor doesn’t have the perfect technique to do it in a safe and effective way. It is better to keep in mind that if common waxing ways are used in your most sensitive parts of the body, you have a good possibility of being injured.  It is always better to check the review of the waxing technician and then have an open communication with him about any doubts you have related to waxing

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