12 Days Aftercare Plan for Your New Tattoo!

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Your fresh tattoo needs critical aftercare to remain safe from infection and swelling.

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience! You look more stylish than before. But you must know that first 12-14 days are essential for your tattoo’s healing and ink as well. This is because a fresh tattoo is like a wound, making it prone to infection, swelling and scarring. And even you can spoil your design due to ink fading. That’s why you need to follow the tattoo aftercare plan for the first two weeks very strictly.

Tattoo After Care

Here we have come up with an aftercare plan for the first 12 days to survive this crucial period.

DAY 1:

Following aftercare instruction is extremely important after getting your tattoo as your tattoo is still a fresh wound requiring lot of care. Follow your artist’s instructions. He will suggest you wearing wraps for an hour or more. After taking off the wrap, clean the tattooed area with wet paper towel. After tattooing, your skin may feel tender or swollen—don’t fret as it is normal.

After cleaning your freshly made tattoo, you must apply antibacterial ointment every four hours. Applying ointment will prevent your tattoo become dry.

Take regular shower at night, but don’t cover tattoo for a shower. Pat it gently with a towel. Afterwards, apply some ointment on it.

Days 2 to 5:

Your tattoo will be tender and the ink will be vibrant and fresh. So for this period of time you need to be extra careful. Your aim should be to keep your tattoo moisturized as possible. So, clean your tattoo with a damp paper towel before you apply an ointment. You will experience itching and peeling over 4-5 days. Don’t pick your scabs as this is the natural process of healing.

At this healing’s phase, you can replace your antibacterial ointment with your regular lotion. Use the lotion frequently to prevent the skin from drying out. At this stage, your inked skin may feel paper like.

What You Should Not Do at This Stage?

  • Avoid activities causing excessive sweating. So, leave gym, beach and sauna for a while.
  • Don’t expose your fresh tattoo to the sun as it may lose its shine.
  • Avoid tanning and sun bed
  • Avoid swimming as the chlorine in water may affect your tattoo
  • Be alert while handling harmful chemicals like bleaches, cements and construction materials.

These steps are essential if you want to make your tattoo unspoiled and long lasting.

Day 5-12:

After 5 days of getting tattoo, you must use only a lotion to take care of your tattoo against sheen and dryness. Good thing is that you can resume your activities like exercise, but make sure to clean your skin afterwards. It is best if you stay out of water for some time. Also avoid sauna and sunbathing. Otherwise, the ink may come out or get faded.

After two weeks of care, your tattoo has completed a major healings stage and you can enjoy your normal life. Go for touch ups if the lines or designs appear lighter.

But to make your design shiner and vibrant for a long time, you must follow these things as long as the tattoo remains on your body:

  • Always follow your tattoo artist’s instruction
  • Protect your tattoo from direct sun exposure
  • Don’t soak your tattoo
  • Don’t Pick or Scratch Scabs on Tattoo Spot:
  • Don’t Let Harsh Chemical or Product Sit on Your Skin:
  • So, this is a weeklong aftercare plan for your new tattoo to keep it in shape while avoiding infection and swelling chances. Keep these things in mind and enjoy tattooing.

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