10 painful places in the body to get tattooed

February 12, 2016   2608

Are you getting inked for the first time? Nervous about the pain you’ll gonna face? Then, it is highly advisable that start with that part of your body where you can tolerate the needle. Selecting the design and an ideal tattoo artist is easy, but to make a decision on where to get tattooed, is entirely entangled.

All those who are lovers of tattoos, there is no area-bar for them. The body turns into A canvas for a tattoo artist, and every part of your body is allowed to get your preferred tattoo design. Have you decided where to get inked? If not yet, then, here is a list of places where you can face maximum pain while getting inked;
10 painful places in the body to get tattooed
The Foot:
As feet area is filled with nerves, that is the reason it hurts while inking. Here, feet area is referred to the actual feet area and not the ankle. A few think that the foot pain while getting tattooed is similar to ankle pain. But, it’s nothing like that. Tattooing at the ankle is not at all painful.


The elbow is going to hurt, as well as to get the ink stuffed inappropriately, simply you have to keep your elbow hard on a table or at a door and you’ll get to know that why it is exceptionally agonizing to have it inked. Actually to get inked on an elbow, you need to twist your elbow in awkward direction, which make tattooing painful.

Back of the Knee:

Getting tattooed on knees is not so painful as it pains at the back of the knee. Nothing is so painful when it comes to tattooing back of the knee. Much the same as with your elbow discard, the back of the knee is layered with slender, pliable skin and a noteworthy absence of muscle.


Your spine is comprised of 26 bones, and 24 of them starts from your neck to the base of your bum and every tattoo that you get along them will hurt. The spine is the most difficult spot to get a tattoo.


If you are a kind of sensitive person, then getting inked at your eyelids or lips can even hurt you. As eyelid and lip skin is much more sensitive as compared to your cheeks. The layers of skin of eyelid and lips are really thin as compared to veins.


Getting tattooed on your head is very troublesome and unsafe when contrasted with different parts. Getting tattooed on the head is painful, but risky as well. So, think twice, thrice, before you go!

Skeletal Areas:

Those areas which are closer to the bones are normally considered as more painful areas contrasted with others. If you have a go at getting tattooed on the external hard lower legs, it will be an excruciating background than if you get inked in a fleshier area. Other such sensitive areas are backside of the ears, i.e. the skull, the cartilages, and the ribs.


Getting the backside of your thighs tattooed can be very painful because of the sciatic nerve. It’s the greatest, longest single nerve in the entire body, and it keeps running down the back-focal point of your thigh. There are two noteworthy nerves that have gone through your thighs, called the femoral nerve and the femoral cutaneous nerve.

The Bump:

It is clear from different tattoo reports that the most difficult inking zone has been the hips. There are many individuals who might get a chance to get inked on their butts. If you want to experience the pain, then scratch with a nail at the back of your hip and then scratch on the shoulder. In this way, you can make out a difference, that which place makes you more hurt.


There is a vast amount of bones in the chest of bone in the chest. Unless you’re truly working on those pectorals, the skin will be thin and straightforwardly against that boney area of the chest. The vibration of the needle will all of a sudden be one serious part more detectable at this spot.

So, by going through the blog, make sure you make a wise decision while getting inked!


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