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Tattoos and Your Career

7 Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

Tattooing hurts, you! However, there are several spots in our body where tattoos pain goes dramatically lower. Img Source: Pinterest For getting those fascinating tattoo ...

July 15, 2016 16767

Insect Bites: Problems, Symptoms, and Severe Reactions

Sooner or later we are all going to experience an insect bite or sting, and kids can be quite uncomfortable. In some cases, they can even be life debilitating. In this artic...

October 20, 2016 6892
Ear Piercing

6 Simple and Natural Ways to Heal Your Ear Piercing at Home

Ear piercing is a popular fashion today. Undoubtedly, it has evolved significantly with the passage of time. But what about the infections and other problems associated with this f...

August 29, 2016 6567
Tongue Piercing

What You Can Do to Treat Tongue Piercing Infection?

Tongue piercing infection is painful and creates an utter discomfort. But with some precautions and treating tips you can lower these painful symptoms. Image Courtesy: Bodypi...

July 27, 2016 6129