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The fashion world has taken new things from the life. As a result, the foot tattoo designs are getting good reputation ratings all over the world. In fact, it’s a good place to show off your art. Starting from plain ankle tattoo designs to the complex one, foot tattoo designs are very much appreciated by the feminine world. Foot tattoos can look very outstanding – for one thing, the foot provides a nice flat place for the tattoo to lie, and for another thing, foot tattoos are rather rare and therefore sort of exotic (this was true at the time of writing, but foot tattoos are becoming rather popular nowadays, especially amongst women). There’s no question that a foot tattoo peeking out of a sexy shoe can be very striking. Tattoos never stop to surprise us, meet 9 wacky designs that thank God can be hidden under your shoes.

1. Air Jordan Tattoo

Every player in the NBA respects Michael Jordan and probably owns a few pairs of Air Jordans. Some were blessed with the opportunity to sign with Jordan Brand, while others, sports Jordan Brand footwear on the court. Orlando Magic center, Marcin Gortat rocks an Air Jordan jumpman tattoo on his right leg. Amazingly, this man loves the Air Jordan V so much that he even decided to get a tattoo on his feet. And Take Note, It is a permanent AJV tattoo on his feet.

2. Mario Brothers Tattoo

The Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi, are a brotherly duo that a dominating population (including me) of the world is obsessed with, and this user called SimonMarcus has taken his obsession to an all new level by tattooing his feet with the Mario brothers. Like the strange Pacman tattoo that has been painted on one’s butt, this tattoo’s place is no less than weird. I mean tattooing your hands is just fine, but feet!? It is one such place that no one even cares to look at! The Mario brothers have been painted to downright facts, which include even the creases on their rompers. Mario, who painted on the right foot, is described to be short and plump whereas, Luigi, painted on the other foot, is shown to be tall and thin, both of which are unlike the twin characters shown in the game, and yet, they have a sense of creativity and at the same time, have retained the originality that the time pass game portrayed. I guess it would have been fairly painful to tattoo it, and the user must have some real balls to give the nod to go ahead with the idea of such a weird act. I just hope that the healing takes place appropriately and the drawing is not messed up in the act.

3. Camel Toe Tattoo (LITERALLY!)

If you’re not certain what kind of tattoo to get, why not get a camel toe tattoo? Although it’s permanent, and most likely not symbolic and uncharacteristic, you will surely be the source of many conversations. But camel toe tattoos are typically small and are not that noticeable and even not that visible when you put your shoes on.

4. Pac-Man Tattoo

Pac-Man is a classic game and always will be. It’s right up there with Tetris. If there had been rewards such as Game of the Year, Most Addictive, etc. back in the day, it would have won them. There are several die-hard fans that still love playing this game from 1980, and then there are some really die-hard fans that get it inked on their body. One die-hard fan even got a permanent tattoo of pac-man on his feet.

5. Skeletal Feet Tattoo

Skeletal tattoo on this part of his foot can be horrible. But it seems that he made it through. Because according to tattoo artists, this is the most painful part of the body to get a tattoo. But people have different pain tolerances, so maybe he really withstood the pain for this.

 6. CTA Tattooed On Her Foot

This woman seems to show so much of her devotion and love on maps, and the CTA, that she got the rail system map being tattooed on the top part of her foot. This woman also withstood the pain of getting the tattoo on such part, because as what have said earlier, this could have been the most painful part of the body to get a tattoo.

7. Car Tattoo


Cars are sexy. They are a sign of raw, metallic power, excitement and adventure. Car tattoos can represent these things, or have a deeper meaning to the wearer. Maybe the first car you ever got became a representation of freedom, independence — even a coming of age. Perhaps this man has a deep love for cars that he even had it tattooed on his foot. Pretty cool and wacky!

8. Spider Tattoo


Most cultures have a story of spider in store. A spider features as a usual tribal tattoo across the world. You can imbibe the spider as a mark of creative idea and craftiness. The tattoo with showing a spider hanging from its web is a symbol of good luck. Today, the spider and its web represent a force of evil and cunning. The web of your mind, tricks that dark, gloomy thought, can be well represented by a spider and its web. Try watching a spider when it has a victim caught onto its web. That sets the treacherous facet of the arachnid; a blood-sucking symbol of evil. If you have a flair for horror stories, you would take an earnest interest in spiders too. An important part of the spider tattoo is the spider web tattoo which relates to dark history as well.

 9. Bush-themed Tattoo


People have actually had Bush-themed tattoos permanently emblazoned on their skin. In general, getting a tattoo showing a person is a risky move to start with. People have different reasons for getting their tattoo with the face of famous personality. This could be a good reason or maybe an expression of their feelings. And for some, it is a way of showing appreciation to the person being tattooed on their body.