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1) Void Tattoo – Cover Up

Name tattoos usually stir regret among people whose relationship went wrong. Then they decide to cover it up, nothing like setting the past straight and correcting what some people might have called a mistake from the beginning.

This one, the final product is a VOID stamp over the name Tracy. Anyone who will see this will truly laugh his ass off! He didn’t even tried to fully cover up the name, instead he just announced to the world their relationship status— VOID. Funny isn’t it? The same as saying “there’s always a way of correcting mistakes”, literally…

2) Angelina Jolie’s New Tattoo for the New Love

She is one of the most photographed women in the world - and now one of the most tattooed.

After attending the world premiere of her latest movie, Angelina Jolie revealed her latest set of body art - geographical map coordinates accurately detailing the countries of birth of each member of her "rainbow family".

Walking down the red carpet in Cannes to promote her movie, A Mighty Heart, the 31-year-old actress kept the new tattoos hidden, using her boyfriend, Brad Pitt, as a human shield.

But as the couple made their way down the festival's famous Croisette in a chauffeur-driven car afterwards, the four-part scribing on her left shoulder was plainly visible.

Each line, it has emerged, represents the very international map coordinates detailing where their four children, three of which were adopted, were born.

From the top down, and from left to right, is the longitudinal and latitudinal location of Cambodia, where the Oscar-winning actress' eldest son, Maddox, five, was born.

Next are the coordinates pertaining to Ethiopia, the country from which Miss Jolie plucked two-year-old Zahara.

Third on the list is Namibia, where the Tomb Raider star gave birth to her ten-month-old biological daughter, Shiloh, whose name in Hebrew means "the peaceful one".

Last but not least is a reference to the latest addition to the couple's rainbow family - Pax Thien, who is Vietnamese by origin.
The three-year-old boy was taken from an orphanage in March, amid claims that the Hollywood couple had unfairly fast-tracked the adoption process.

Angelina Jolie's new tattoos have been inscribed in the same spot where a tribute to her ex-husband Billy Bob Thronton once lay.
His name was tattooed onto her left arm along with a Chinese dragon - the remnants of which are still faintly visible even after laser removal surgery.

She said at the time of the laser treatment: "I'll never be stupid enough to have a man's name tattooed on me again."

3) Amy Winehouse's Cover Up That Thing

And so to the beloved Amy Winehouse's satellite-linked appearance at the Grammy awards, while the world held its breath and prayed that a precarious equilibrium would not be upset by the swirling evils that beset so many of the greats.

America is still recovering from the sight of Janet Jackson's breast at the Super Bowl four years ago - an event which precipitated that fragile nation's downward spiral into destructive behavior, record fines, and the continued failure to recognize the absurdity of getting freaked out by a "wardrobe malfunction", and not the wall-to-wall violence that supports the TV schedules.

Yes, for a while back there, it felt like America might simply burn too brightly for this world. So which of us could fail to be moved when, on Sunday, Amy understood the need to tread infinitely carefully around the country’s emotional issues as she performed two songs? Realizing that seeing the sketched outline of a female breast might prove the only trigger needed to plunge the United States back into this brain-deadening pathology, Amy - or more likely, her people - drew a temporary bikini on to the tattoo of the topless woman that graces her upper left arm.

The result: An amazing night for everyone concerned and the rest of the world's dewy-eyed admiration for Amy's refusal to play the role of that troubled country's enabler. Come on, ambassador: give her a visa. America needs more people like Amy around her.

4) Once upon a time there was a legendary fanboy nicknamed "Zuneguy."

Why you may ask? Well because he was the one person in the entire tech-iverse who loved Microsoft’s "iPod killer" so much that he had the logo forever emblazoned on his skin.

However, time has finally caught up with poor Zuneguy. He has had a change of heart. We don’t know if it was spurred on by the Zune’s piss poor adoption rate or reported problems with the DRM. However, ZG decided it best to cover up that Zune tattoo, um, sort of anyways.

Not quite sure why he went with the "Zune logo acting as sort of pentagram in evil Dick Cheney’s head" thing but one thing is for sure in thirty years when he’s an older Zuneguy he will remember the decision fondly. Tattoos are permanent, doncha know.

5) Johnny Depp’s Winona Forever Tattoo

An ode to the one time love Winona Ryder - became Wino Forever.

We know how it is… in the heat of the moment you and your special someone (that person you just met at the bar) become filled with passion (booze) and decide to express your love (lust) with matching name tattoos. But eventually, the magic wears off and you’re stuck with a permanent reminder of your mistakes forever… unless you’ve got money like Johnny Depp to turn that “Winona Forever” tat into “Wino Forever.”

6) Another cover tattoo for a recent ex…

There is another solution, that’s not as painful or as expensive as laser removal. Mind you it’s not painless or cheap, but it’ll do. Cover up tattoos may not erase your mistakes, but they cover them pretty well.

7) Bitter response for an ex lover

The tattoo speaks for itself… See how creative the artist had done to repair a swollen wound of a client… too bad it works well… a sweet cover up for a sour relationship gone bad…

8) Tribal tattoo hides well the pain in plain sight

Sometimes the best way to hide something is in plain sight. Since there was no way to cover this large “Cindy” tattoo, he just converted it into a tribal. It’s easy to cover up name of past “ex’s” with this kind of design. From Trivial to tribal… The inspiration for many tribal tattoos include Hawaiian tribal tattoos, Maori Tribal tattoos, Polynesian Tribal Tattoos, African, Native American and even Celtic tattoos.

9) A Rose Cover Tattoo For A Cover Up

Apparently we should be watching out for rose tattoos because they seem to be the ex cover up tattoo of choice. But can you blame people? The folds and shading in a rose disguise letters pretty well. She could never mention Troy and you would have no idea she was still technically married to him.

10) Ode to A Lover

Someone: "Don't be overly romantic. Sorry, that tattoo is going to outlast most relationships - much as I hate to say it."

Someone else: “I don't think lovers' names are a good thing." A new, intricate tattoo covers up the past… OI don’t think the couple’s relationship gone out that well with that bleeding heart out there.

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